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Communication Arts
Textbook: Holt Elements of Literature
GLE's and DOK's (Missouri Correlations)
Winona Curriculum: (Click each to link to specific curriculum, GLE's listed)
Elements of Literature
Collection 1
1.      Rikki-Tikki-Tavi—page 14  (Fiction, Short Story)
2.      Three Skeleton Key—page 38  (Fiction, Short Story)
3.      The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street—page 57 (Drama, Teleplay)
A.     Writing Workshop—Story (page 112)
Collection 2
4.      The Smallest Dragonboy—page 146 (Fiction, Short Story)
B.       Writing Workshop—Problem-Solution Essay (page 222)
Collection 3
5.      The Highwayman—page 246 (Fiction, Poem)
C.     Writing Workshop—Personal Narrative (page 330)
Collection 4
6.      After Twenty Years—page 356 (Fiction, Short Story)
D.    Writing Workshop—Descriptive Essay (page 462)
Collection 5
7.      Amigo Brothers—page 484 (Fiction, Short Story)
8.      Song of the Trees—page 508 (Fiction, Novella)
9.      A Mason-Dixon Memory—page 533 (Nonfiction, Essay)
10. Poetry-Student Reading—Collection from pages 548-607 (poetry)
E.      Writing Workshop—Supporting an Interpretation (page 630)
Collection 6
11. King Midas and the Golden Touch—page 682 (Fiction, Myth)
12. The Hummingbird King—page 732 (Fiction, Folk Tale)
F.      Writing Workshop—Comparison/Contrast Essay (page 772)
Collection 7
13.  Long Walk to Freedom—page 845 (Nonfiction, Autobiography)
14. Rosa Parks—page 853 (Nonfiction, Biography)
G.   Writing Workshop—Informative Report (page 864)
Collection 8
15. Analyzing Information on Consumer Documents—page 899
16.  Following Technical Directions—page 905 (Informational Text)
H.      Writing Workshop—Public Service Announcement (page 909)

Textbook: Houghton Mifflin Spelling and Vocabulary
TerraNova Correlations
Winona Curriculum: (Click to link to specific curriculum, GLE's listed)

Spelling Units

Accelerated Reader
Winona Curriculum: (Click to link to specific curriculum, GLE's listed)
Accelerated Reader

Winona Curriculum: Click each to link to specific curriculum, GLE's listed)
*Types of Paragraphs
*Addressing an Audience
*Noun Usage
*Adjective Usage
*Adverb Usage
*Preposition and Conjunction Usage
*Interjection Usage
*Subject/Verb Agreement
*Comma Usage
*Quotation Marks
*Figurative Language
*Roots & Affixes

Other Writing Assignments
*Halloween Story
*Country Report
*Business Letter